Saturday, 7 July 2012

Liverpool Third Kit

So folks, the long awaited mystery kit is out. Some find it interesting, some loathe it, vomits blood and swear that it is God's way of punishing them for all their sins.

Let's visually scrutinize the kit together.

The Warrior team says that the main colour is 'nightshade' and there is a tint of orange at the collar, which looks like a conventional 'V-neck'. A tribal design on a white sleeve sums it all up.

Nightshade. This colour on a kit is what I call 'daring'. In hex the colour code is 3F3149 and it is not actually purple. I do not see any issue if it is purple to be honest. Fiorentina has been donning purple kit for ages and it looks pretty neat.

Being off-purple, it takes away the norm in a jersey. White, yellow, green and grey has all been our away colour and Warrior decided to instill daring differences to the norm. It is a way of telling people that we are different and we are here, ready to fight.

I reckon that the usual away colour will be adopted in future seasons.

No issue with the orange collar.

Now, whats with the tribal design?

Warriors of old have all been synonymous with tribal tattoos. Look at The Maori's for example. Their Ta'Moko has now gone mainstream and defines their culture as powerful, strong, brave and historically a man with a moko ranks high in their social hierarchy.

I personally think that a tribal motif is a wee bit too much but again it's a design philosophy that is way firmer than the table cloth theme chosen by our next door neighbour.

Liverpool's third kit has grown on me and I may get one soon, just for keep and please remember, it is a kit one of its kind and made specifically for Liverpool. Kau hado?

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  1. As bad as last season's 3rd kit