Friday, 27 July 2012

Pre-season 2012

So the two pre-season game have been disappointing. Anticipation was high but the moment I saw the line-up, I knew these two games were not meant as a warm-up match. Its more of evaluating "high profile" players on whether they suit the gaffers style. Charlie Adam, Aquilani, Joe Cole and Jay Spearing to name a few big names that might not fit in.

I can safely predict that Adam, Aquaman and Joe Cole just don't make the mark and it's interesting to see how the three move forward from now on. Rumour stating that Adam might be tied in with the price tag to get Clint Dempsey to Anfield may just be true. Aquaman and Joe Cole, loaning them out again is my best guestimation. As for the rest, they are young enough to sit on the bench and get ample time to prove their talent and maybe squeeze into the first eleven in the future.

The match against Tottenham this Saturday on the other hand is technically more important than the previous two. I am sure BR will bring in the big guns and refine his game plan. 

So far, the youngsters that really caught my eye are Sterling, Ibe, Eccleston (picture above) and Suso. They are quick and more importantly willing to chase the ball around, putting pressure on opponents to win back possession and make runs into spaces to receive passes. Suso might not be as quick but his passing and skills on the ball is neat and full of composure. Nevertheless, it is quite sad to read that Eccleston is free to leave the club. Considering now that we have Borini, places up front is harder to come by and to be fair to him, he needs playing time to flourish.

What about Big Andy? I think he is off to another club soon.

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