Friday, 1 June 2012

Five or Six?

It has been confirmed that Frank Lampard a.k.a "Super Frank" to Chelsea fans (sounds like a stick of gigantic hotdog to me) has been ruled out of England's Euro2012 campaign due to a thigh injury yesterday.

Replacing Lampard is a kid that has never failed to entertain us. Its non other than our own, Jordan Henderson a.k.a "Hendo" to #rakankop twitter committee members.

Will Hendo feature regularly in the three lions line-up? Come on, let's be realistic here. Honestly, he is just there to get a feel of things. Everyone in England expects Hendo to be the person that replaces Gerrard at club and international level (no disrespect to Hendo, but some might beg to differ on this), so what better way than to start making him get the feel immediately.

With the inclusion of Hendo, Liverpool FC has five players in the England squad and this is terribly exciting. Others might argue that England is going to fail miserably this time around (for bloating the team up with kops) but my gut feeling tells me otherwise.

I am sure that the five will do fine and make all of us proud. Some might forget that Roy Hodgson was once a Liverpool chap, so make that six.

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